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A special message from ATD NASHVILLE

To the ATD Nashville Community,

This special message has a two-fold purpose: to respond to racial injustice in our society and to communicate how ATD Nashville has been and is moving forward to serve our members in these times of societal change and COVID.

First, for any power members (local + national membership), you recently received a statement from ATD CEO Tony Bingham regarding injustice, inequality, and racism. 

We stand with Tony.  We believe that black lives do matter.  From a Nashville chapter perspective, we recognize the lives, experiences, and significant contributions of the African American talent development professionals in our community.

We also believe that our work now takes on new meaning.  Given our roles and capacities as talent development professionals, what does it look like for us to leverage our unique skills to influence change in the workplace?  While we don’t have everything figured out, we have to start somewhere, and the place we want to start is a forum on how to produce organizational change through learning.  We recognize this one program will not solve systemic issues plaguing our society, but we hope it will start a conversation to produce meaningful change.

Second, we have implemented a number of changes to our chapter offerings recently to better serve our members in our mission of making Nashville work better.  On behalf of the ATD Nashville board, I want to be sure that all of our current and future members are aware of the new opportunities to serve and be served during this time.

Our new chapter offerings, started in April, have been driven by these guiding principles:

  1. No one should leave the ATD Nashville community because of economic hardship during this time.
  2. Everyone needs to experience greater community so we can help, serve, listen to, understand, and connect with each other.
  3. It’s more important than ever for each of us to continue to learn how to help Nashville work better.

To those ends we have beefed up our chapter offerings to include all of the following, effective immediately:

  1. Free Meetings for Members: all meetings, both virtual and in person, are now free of charge for members.
  2. Virtual Forums: interactive sessions for the sole purpose of bringing the ATD community together to connect, share best practices, and serve one another.
  3. Virtual Chapter Meetings: our chapter meetings, now in a virtual format, to provide insight, knowledge, and value for members to help Nashville work better.
  4. Virtual Coffee Chats: informal, semi-structured discussions to bring together members in transition and provide them with networking and tools for their job search.
  5. Free Interim Memberships: former and future members may sign up for a free, three month interim membership with all the benefits of a regular member; current members experiencing financial hardship may request a free three month extension when their membership expires.  Fill out this form to receive your free interim membership.

We encourage all of our current, past, and future members to engage with the ATD Nashville community so that together we can build a Nashville that works better.

Mark Kenny

President, ATD Nashville

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