2019 Annual Plan


Learning Sustainability and Relevance – Provide programs, events, and opportunities that increase the relevance of the training professional by increasing skill-sets of our members.  Help members to add more value in their organizations and in their own careers through networking, volunteerism, and education.



Develop Social Media Committee to utilize Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to support chapter growth, communication, collaboration, developing bench of talent.

  • Create and publish Member articles and blogs. Support programs with announcements to support website and newsletter. Add Slides before speaker presentation.  Create handouts on tables for attendees as needed. Develop Sign-up sheets for volunteering and activities.  Continue Newsletter with added Feature new Members and Feature renewing Members.


Grow ATD Nashville membership 5 % and/or increase retention by 5%

Grow % of our members in ATD National, achieve CORE target

Send welcome letter new members and renewing members (e-mail)

Send Letter to lapsing / cancelled member a month or two before they lapse to see if there is anything we can do to enhance their membership

Develop Consultants’ page on website


Figure out fees and minimize those fees that we are paying. Develop a budget that future boards will be able to work from.  Maintain the Chapter’s financial records.


Plan a Joint Meeting with SHRM.  Conduct at least one Video Conference.  Execute at least one morning meeting.  Host a Spring Networking Meeting.  Offer at least 3 meetings involving nationally known speakers.



Establish Mentoring Program.   Re-establish partnership with Red Cross. 

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