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2021 Journey to Learning

The ATD Nashville board is proud to officially announce our 2021 programming and the continuation of our programming model. Our desire as a board is to deliver meaningful learning experiences that are more practical and more relevant to all of our members. Towards that goal, we are delivering four formats and focusing on four themes this year as described below.

Click here to download a .pdf version of the image above.



A new deeper dive workshop format to get as practical as we can in two to three hours around a topic so that you have tools that you can take back and use the next day in your role.

Chapter Meetings

Our traditional chapter meeting format with a presenter. This year we’ll be getting more practical, doing less networking, and adding more time for interaction around the topic.

Special Events

A new format held at special locations around the Nashville area. These events are geared towards fun, networking, and exploring our themes in a different type of environment


Additional virtual learning opportunities around relevant L&D topics.



How to use and understanding existing and new technologies to foster talent development.


How to create vibrant, impactful experiences for the people we serve, whether in a classroom or virtually.

Complementary Disciplines

How to master complementary disciplines and best practices from other industries that are vital to the success of TD initiatives.


How to effectively lead people to have a greater impact in TD and the people we serve.

We look forward to elevating our learning together in 2020. We hope you will join us in helping to create a Nashville-area that works better.

Luke Benfield
2021 President, ATD Nashville

Craig Vining
2021 President-Elect, ATD Nashville

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